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Motion Canvas v3.3.0

ยท 2 min read

New features ๐ŸŽ‰โ€‹

  • aarthificial's avatarNew Fiddle Editor let's you play around with Motion Canvas directly in the browser.#542
  • aarthificial's avatarInformation about the current zoom level is now displayed in the top-left corner of the viewport. You can choose one of the predefined zoom levels or toggle "zoom to fit".#531
  • misclicl's avatarThe group by scene rendering option lets you render scenes into separate image sequences.#477
  • aarthificial's avatarButton titles now include their corresponding shortcuts.#532
  • guifeliper's avatarVite has been updated to v4.#495
  • aarthificial's avatarTree shaking now works correctly.#523
  • aarthificial's avatarCustom fields added to meta files are now preserved.#534
  • aarthificial's avatarCheckboxes use a custom style.#529

Fixed bugs ๐Ÿ›โ€‹

  • aarthificial's avatarThe size of cache canvases is limited to the size of the project.#544
  • AshishBarvaliya's avatartextWrap now works in Firefox.#541
  • AshishBarvaliya's avatarThe port at which Motion Canvas is served can now be changed.#538
  • AshishBarvaliya's avatarThe editor correctly detects new versions.#520
  • AshishBarvaliya's avatarKeyboard shortcuts are now ignored when inputting text.#521
  • aarthificial's avatarRuntime errors no longer corrupt the editor's state.#524