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Motion Canvas v3.8.0

ยท 2 min read

New features ๐ŸŽ‰โ€‹

  • aarthificial's avatarThe brand new Video (FFmpeg) exporter lets you render your animations directly to a video file. It's included by default (with the option to opt out) in all new projects created with npm init @motion-canvas. Check out the docs to learn how to install it in your existing projects.#673#660
  • aarthificial's avatarAn improved rendering button provides visual feedback about the rendering process.#662#681
  • aarthificial's avatarA new OUTPUT DIRECTORY button lets you reveal the current output directory in your file explorer. You can find it directly below the RENDER button.#663
  • aarthificial's avatarCollapsible panels are now animated.#671
  • aarthificial's avatarArray values, such as points of a Line, are now displayed in the inspector.#670
  • aarthificial's avatarThe create package now supports command-line arguments for providing answers without having to go through the interactive prompt:#668
    npm init @motion-canvas@latest -- --name Hello --path ./hello --language ts
  • aarthificial's avatarMeta fields can declare descriptions. When hovering over the field in the editor, the description will be displayed in a form of a tooltip.#664
  • aarthificial's avatarNew hooks let plugins extend the behavior of the player (The plugin documentation will be available soon).#679

Fixed bugs ๐Ÿ›โ€‹

  • aarthificial's avatarCorrectly support URLs to external images.#678
  • aarthificial's avatarRemove the yellow dependency pre-bundling warning.#676
  • aarthificial's avatarFix editing the audio offset by dragging the waveform.#674
  • aarthificial's avatarIgnore children with disabled layout.#669
  • aarthificial's avatarPrevent Color tree shaking.#666
Check out the Update Guide for information on how to update your existing projects.