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Motion Canvas v3.11.0

ยท 2 min read

New features ๐ŸŽ‰โ€‹

  • aarthificial's avatarNodes can now be skewed:#803
    Press play to preview the animation
    import ...

    export default makeScene2D(function* (view) {
    const ref = createRef<Img>();
    yield view.add(
    skew={[-24, -12]}

    yield* ref().skew([24, 12], 1, easeOutElastic).back(1);

  • levirs565's avatarNew SVG node lets you display and tween SVG graphics.#763
    (The amount of supported SVG features is still limited, the node was designed mainly to support LaTeX tweening in the future update)
  • SleeklyCoding's avatarA new lineCount property lets you retrieve the number of lines in a code block.#802
  • aarthificial's avatarslideTransition now allows for diagonal movement defined using Origin.#801
  • aarthificial's avatarAny external changes made to the audio file are now picked up and automatically reflected in the editor.#793
  • aarthificial's avatarWhen rendering, an estimated remaining time is displayed in the bottom right.#795
  • me-nkr's avatarNew playback controls for seeking to the very beginning and end of the animation.#814
  • alsongarbuja's avatarWhen dragging time events, a line indicator is displayed to help precisely align the event with the audio.#808
  • aarthificial's avatarHolding MMB allows you to drag the timeline left and right.#794
  • aarthificial's avatarA new error warns about a missing image source.#817

Fixed bugs ๐Ÿ›โ€‹

  • aarthificial's avatarSpecific event names, such as constructor no longer cause the editor to crash.#819
  • aarthificial's avatarAdded missing Curve properties to Circle.#805
  • aarthificial's avatarArrow heads now always point in the correct direction.#792
Check out the Update Guide for information on how to update your existing projects.