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Image sequence

The built-in exporter for Motion Canvas. It stores the rendered frames as a sequence of images, which can then be imported into a video editor for further processing.


After selecting the Image sequence exporter in the Video Settings tab, the following configuration options will become available:

File Type

The type of image file to which Motion Canvas will convert the frames. Current options are PNG, JPEG, and WebP. Note that Motion Canvas depends on the capabilities of your browser to generate image files, and so WebP may not work on Safari or older browsers.


The quality target for compression from 0 to 100, where a lower setting will result in smaller file sizes but might degrade image quality. A setting of 100 will result in lossless images, such that no detail is lost, but lower settings will often produce no discernible difference.

Group by scene

When enabled, each scene will be rendered into a separate image sequence located in a subdirectory called the same as the scene.