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Aside from exporting your animations, you can use Motion Canvas to present them in real time. Simply define some slides in your animation and then navigate between them using the Presentation Mode.

beginSlide function

The beginSlide function is used to mark the beginning of a new slide. When this function is yielded, the playback will pause and wait for you to press SPACE:

import {makeScene2D, Txt} from '@motion-canvas/2d';
import {beginSlide, createRef, waitFor} from '@motion-canvas/core';

export default makeScene2D(function* (view) {
const title = createRef<Txt>();
view.add(<Txt ref={title} />);

title().text('FIRST SLIDE');
yield* beginSlide('first slide');
yield* waitFor(1); // try doing some actual animations here

title().text('SECOND SLIDE');
yield* beginSlide('second slide');
yield* waitFor(1);

title().text('LAST SLIDE');
yield* beginSlide('last slide');
yield* waitFor(1);

Presentation Mode

To present your animation, navigate to the Video Settings tab. Click on the dropdown next to the RENDER button and choose PRESENT. From now on, pressing the button will enter the Presentation Mode (You can switch back to rendering at any time using the same dropdown). Try entering the Presentation Mode in our online editor.

In this mode, you can quickly switch between all your slides using the panel on the left. You can also use the playback controls at the bottom to navigate from one slide to another. Hover over the buttons to see what they do and what keyboard shortcuts are assigned to them. When switching to full screen, the controls disappear, but you can still use your keyboard to navigate.